our process



M&S believes in taking measurements with utmost precision according to your body. After the fabric has been selected, our team takes all the necessary measurements according to the tailored product.


Our high-class finesse of fabric and well-stitched suiting has all what it takes to wear the only masterpiece. All our designer tailor made outfits are intended to offer you with an exceptional level of delight and contentment in wear.


Manzoor & Sons (M&S) keeps its legacy in crafting bespoke suiting for its customers to the finest possible creativity & individuality.


Manzoor & Sons specializes in the elite fabrics for men, with excellence in 100% Cotton fiber, Wool, Wool & Silk, Wool & Cashmere, Linen, and TR Fabrics. With assistance of M&S, you will be advised how to acquire a fabric of your choice.


Our tailored finishes allows for private tailoring in line with the customer’s individual sizes. Every single garment is immaculately tailored for a truly exclusive experience.


Our made to measure suits indicates understanding your selection of arrangement of buttons, lapels and pockets. For both day and evening wear, every outfit is prepared with maximum comfort and splendor that have always set our suiting apart.