About Soktas

SÖKTAS is a specialist maker and supplier of cotton and cotton blended shirtings and more recently jacket & trouser fabrics that offers luxury at every level. Our customer focused set up allows us to meet your every need from design, quality, finish, exclusivity, usability, delivery deadlines and orders that range from minuscule to major. Our innovative research, development, design, presentation and archiving capabilities, with over 300,000 fabrics at our fingertips, keep our customers ahead of the industry and abreast of trends.

Founded in 1971 and listed on the Turkish Stock Exchange in 1995, SÖKTAS is a specialist designer and producer of cotton and cotton blended fabrics. Our reputation was built on shirting fabrics which we export around the world and we have broadened that expertise into fabrics for contemporary jackets, trousers.

SÖKTAS is the silent giant behind many of the world’s best known fashion labels, but no matter the name, where located and whatever the size, our commitment is the same: a dedicated, personalised service to meet your needs and keep you at the forefront of global and regional trends. Our ordering system has been set up to enable us to respond with the same speed and precision to orders of vast quantities as to those of a few metres.

The service we provide our customers is made possible by our control of the entire production chain from yarn spinning, twisting, dyeing, weaving, design and finishing. Development of original yarns and new blends is a priority, enabling us to offer customers world firsts in fabrics such as exceptional cottons blended with fine wool, silk and linen. A new super premium cotton yarn we use is made from a hybrid seed grown on our own land. It was co-developed with the Cotton Research Institute and produces a strong, fine, silky cotton fibre to rival most of the Egyptian Giza varieties.

Official web address: www.soktas.com.tr