Manzoor & Son’s (M&S) is a family owned business established in 1968. We have more than 40 years of experience in bespoke tailoring industry. Each M&S suit is created according to the client’ personality and lifestyle demands, encouraging you to draw inspiration from your background, lifestyle, individuality and the world around you. Mr. Manzoor brings his many years of experience to provide various colours and high quality fab ric imported from Italy, England and Thailand. M&S’s professional staff is equipped with the latest technology. The have the know-how of the modern fashions. The production team maintains high-level of British and Italian style craftsmanship to produce a perfect fashionable outfit as per the customer’s body. Nothing you have ever worn before will give you the pleasure or confidence of a bespoke suit from Manzoor & Sons’s.

Manzoor & Son’s tailor shop is a family owned business established in 1968. Mr. Manzoor have more than 70 years of experience in custom tailor industry from cutting, fitting and completion of men’s garment.

From day one, our vision is to provide best quality & perfect fits to the customer. That’s the main reason Mr. Manzoor gained a reputation as one of the best tailor. Offering clients a soft understand elegance. As for now along with Mr. Manzoor, his son Mansoor, and grandsons Farrukh & Ali have maintained their presence in the tailoring world.